my name is Andrea26yo and this is my personal website

About Me

I am a master student of USI Lugano since September 2013. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Science taken in the University of Siena with the thesis "Automatic Generation of Embedded Software for Multi-Processor Platform".

From 2011 with the release of iOS5 I started to learn Apple programming with Objective-C. I found it well structured and very optimised that impressed me a lot.

With the iPhone programming I realised some iPhone and iPad apps delivered both in Italy and worldwide.

In my free time I like to learn different type of thing about Linux/Unix servers, new iOS features as well as general topic about technologies

I was born in Italy, Siena, then I moved in Switzerland for study reasons after my bachelor thesis in Leiden, Netherlands.

I am a person who is both introverted and expansive that prefer always to be straightforward with the people around me.

In my free time I also like to play videogames and soccer with friends

My Timeline

  • 2013-Now

    Master in Computer Science at USI Lugano

    From September 2013 I attend the USI, Lugano, Switzerland (Università della Svizzera Italiana) with a specialisation in Computer Science (Software Engineering)

  • 2010-2013

    Bachelor graduation in Computer Science

    In the 2013 I graduated in Computer Science at University of Siena with grade 110/110.

  • 02-08 2012

    Bachelor thesis in Netherland

    From February to August 2012 I attended the University of Leiden doing my bachelor thesis in the LIACS (Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science) at the LERC laboratories (Leiden Embedded System Research Center)

    The thesis was about a new automated configuration tool for the Daedalus Framework.

  • 2002-2007

    High school Tito Sarrocchi

    I attended the primary school Tito Sarrocchi with a 3-year specialisation in computer expert

    In that school I learnt the fundamentals of C programming, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, SQL and many more

  • 1988

    I was born in Siena

    I was born in Siena a beautiful city among the Chianti's hill, just in the center of the Tuscany.


Independent Apple Developer
2011 - Now
iPhone/iPad Developer (iOS)

Since 2011 I love to develop iOS applications. I started to study Objective-C by myself and after some initial obstacles I released my first app (DataFighter) for iPhone and iPad in the 26th May 2011.

After that first app I have kept alive my knowledge of Objective-C by releasing many other apps on the AppStore

Member of the LERC Team

Working for the LERC team during my bachelor thesis was been a wonderful experience and a great example of teamwork.


cianiandrea88 (Call me or Chat with me)


Objective C


Italian (ML)


Mobile Devices
Apple technologies
3D Graphic and Games
Military Aircrafts


DatafighterX website

In the April of 2014 I founded datafighterx.com the orginal website of the Datafighterx project.

The website is meant to be opened to the people with a pay per write system that allow people to write and share articles and earn from it with a Google AdSense account.

The topic of the website is military aircrafts

Creator and maintainer
Decrypto Collections

Around the years 2012-2014 I released two quiz games called Decrpyto and DecryptoII both in free and paid form.

Especially for DecryptoII the biggest challenge was been creating engaging interfaces. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to build the icon and the entire icons and components, Core Animation to animate it, GameKit for the online multiplayer challenges and lots of coffe to compose the music in studio (tanks to Matteo Germani for the great work)

Within 2 years around 4000 unit was been sold in Italy with no advertising due lack of founds for it

Decrypto and DecryptoII
Developer and Designer
Data Collection

In the years I developed a range of iOS apps for military aviation lovers as me that contains informations about ships, airplanes or quiz games or news app linked to the website.

DataNews is the last one, released in the late 2014. It helps people to stay tuned with the latest news. It uses lots of state of the art technologies in mobile applications such as push notifications, location services, in app purchases processes, apple maps, core data, Facebook SDK etc...

DataFighterx, DataQuiz, DataShip, DataNews
Developer and Designer

In the 2014 I started to work for AppyBros as iPhone developer for the new Spottedmap iPhone application.

AppyBros is a USI startup that aim to connect people around the world with its new service called Spottedmap.

iOS Developer

Other Projects

SQUARE anti-cheat system

In the 2014 I proposed and realised a working anti-cheat system to the Venture Ideas in Ticino called SQUARE (Secure QUality Assurance REsource).

It was a mix of digital encrypting system using AES-256bit system with registered QRcode that enables a greater level of security in food counterfeit.

Unfortunately the project was been abandoned to the lack of support in term of human resources.


I realised a simple and portable iPhone application for gynecologists and midwives in Italian territory.

ObsWheel is a simple and easy to use application that gives to doctores and patients the possibility to check the correct growth of the fetus according to strict guidelines and references. This app avoid to check this parameters manually by consulting books or references not always as comfortable to bring with you as an iPhone

Bootstrap Websites

From 2014 I started to realize bootstrap website in my free time. I did them just to reinforce my general knowledge in HTML, CSS and modern web frameworks like Bootstrap